For over 40 years, JVD Support has offered bassoon players from around the world our unique, hand-crafted bassoon leg rests. Our goal is to prevent bassoon players from developing back pain, which can be caused by the heaviness of the instrument. With our ergonomically-designed leg rest, playing your bassoon becomes a virtually weightless experience, relieving the stress from your wrist, upper body, and neck.

    We help you by offering our hand-crafted, simple solution.



    Our story begins over 40 years ago with Jan van Domburg. Jan was a passionate bass player in the Dutch Orchestra, but his colleague started to develop back pain from playing the bassoon, as it was very heavy and put a great deal of strain on their back and wrists.


    Jan had some contacts who created the leg support’s earliest prototype, which was essentially a knee stand. Jan started from this and kept on improving the product over and over…finessing it until he arrived at the final version of his bassoon leg rest. His innovative solution quickly caught on, and even when he had customers across the world in countries like Australia and Japan, Jan was involved in each step of the process, down to folding the cardboard boxes he’d ship his leg supports in.


    Today, long after Jan van Domburg retired, JVD Support remains one of the leading providers of ergonomic bassoon leg supports to clients across the globe. Reach out to us today to purchase your leg rest.

  • WHY US?

    Every bassoon player, regardless their age, should consider using our ergonomic leg rest when playing the bassoon as opposed to traditional leg straps. With bassoons weighing up to 4.5kg, it’s a lot of weight and stress on your back, wrist, and upper body.


    There are countless benefits that come from using our leg supports, including:

    Preventing the bassoon from hanging from your neck and makes it virtually weightless.

    Giving you very low pressure on your left arm

    Providing you full freedom of movement.

    Letting you feel more comfortable during long rehearsals or concerts.

    Making technical passages easier, since you don’t need to hold the bassoon so tightly, while the positioning of the bassoon becomes second nature.

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